Prof. P.A. Stein - Advisor

Prof. P.A. Stein, LL.M., studied law at Leiden University, where he was subsequently employed. He obtained his doctorate in law for his thesis entitled ‘Misuse of circumstances as basis for the invalidity of legal actions’. He worked as head of the legal department of the Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Bank in Utrecht, and also as a lawyer. He then joined the Universiteit van Amsterdam, firstly as a principal research assistant and a short time later as professor of civil law, commercial law and civil procedural law. His inaugural lecture took the title ‘Forming and reforming private law’. Professor Stein has published books on subjects ranging from mortgage law and property transfer to security. He has written a handbook on the law of civil procedure, which is already in its eleventh edition and is co-author of Grondtrekken Handelsrechten, now in its eighth edition. In Dutch case law, Professor Stein has been responsible since 1979 for annotating rulings of the Supreme Court on employment contracts and landlord and tenant law. Professor Stein has been part of the Supervisory Board of Rabobank Nederland, is chairman of the Board of Appeal of the Royal Society of Bailiffs and member of the board of the Netherlands Arbitration Institute in Rotterdam.