B. van der Goen achieved national recognition and even an international reputation through his defence of the victims of the Bijlmer aircraft disaster (see also our news page).

The most well-known cases for private individuals that Van der Goen Advocaten has handled over the years, apart from the litigation against Boeing in connection with the Bijlmer disaster, are the claims relating to the legionella case (legionalla outbreak at the Flora Flower Exhibition), the claims against WOL/Nina Brink and the case against Paul de Leeuw. At present we are handling the class actions (actions for several aggrieved parties together) against Lekker Leven and tennis guru René van den Berg (see also our news page).

As well as claims for damages, we handle cases for private individuals particularly in the area of employment law, family law and the law of persons, the law governing compulsory purchases and media law. According to a publication in the professional journal Arbeidsrecht, in 2001 we achieved for one of our clients by far the highest amount of compensation in relation to the number of years of service, as shown in the published judgments (Arbeidsrecht 2002/2, p.5). We are consulted in confidence by directors and other management officials of large companies, including multinationals, as well as senior government officials in media cases where damage to reputations may be at stake. We also advise these persons concerning the law on termination of employment and other matters of employment law, also as a second opinion, and conduct negotiations on buyout payments and compensation. In cases where these individuals find themselves involved in criminal law, particularly economic offences such as suspected VAT fraud and often involving several countries, we form an international legal team in which we act as leading attorney, and through a project-based approach we manage progress and coordinate work on the case.

Our specialist staff handle cases in the area of family law and inheritance law.