It is a well-known fact that two factors that affect and reinforce each other – the ever-accelerating increase in the volume of legislation and regulations on the one hand and the ‘juridification’ of society (an increasing claims awareness) on the other hand – can put companies into difficulties. As receivers in liquidations, we see time and time again that these could nearly all have been prevented if judicial matters had been settled in good time!

This is therefore something that is vitally important to companies, but even so is neglected. Even today, by no means all entrepreneurs have a pro-active signalling system that provides for this.

A pro-active legal policy is therefore indispensable in today’s world. The first step is to conduct a legal audit, a judicial scan. We have adopted this system from America, adapting and developing it for the Dutch situation to produce a strong, practical tool that we have used with success for many years in practice. To assist us in this process, we (in cooperation with Professor Stein of our firm) have developed a checklist that covers all the legal aspects of your business. We then draw up a report showing where the risks are to be found, what aspects have not been properly organized or require further investigation.

The Legal Audit is a legal analysis of your company, using a checklist which allows us quickly to assess your legal needs. All subjects are covered, such as:

  • topical questions
  • requirements under company law
  • group relationships
  • management
  • liability of directors
  • general conditions
  • delivery
  • contracting of work/project development
  • contracts
  • employment law
  • leasing and real estate
  • industrial property
  • administrative law
  • environmental law
  • debt collection and debtors
  • litigation and the legal profession
  • transport law
  • competition
  • banking
  • director/major shareholder and the tax authorities
  • international / inheritance law
  • insurance / pensions
  • ICT and law
  • miscellaneous
  • post, fax and telephone communications
  • fraud

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