Intellectuele eigendom

Intellectual property

Is someone infringing on your copyright, trademark or trade name – or are you being accused of doing so? We help private individuals and enterprises to protect their rights. And we are active in many industries doing so, including the souvenir industry, the watch industry and the furniture industry. We also regularly handle intellectual property cases involving software and copyright on the internet. And we handle disputes involving commercial messages or AdWords (Google advertisements) being used by competitors where keywords and other specifics are virtually identical matches to the name brand or tradename.

Advice on protecting your intellectual property

Do you need advice on protecting your products or services, or is a third party violating your trademark, tradename or design rights? We have extensive experience in intellectual property law and can help you secure your intellectual property rights.

Taking action against a violation

Whenever someone violates your intellectual property rights, you have to take action quickly to limit the damages as much as possible. We can start injunctive relief proceedings seeking penalties to ensure that the activities that are infringing on your intellectual property rights stop. We can also demand that the illegal copies are recalled from the market and destroyed. Additionally, you can seek damages for lost profit or damage to image, as well as compensation of legal costs incurred.

Defending against accusations of infringement

You can engage us when you need to protect your products or services, but we can also help when you are accused of alleged infringement on intellectual property. With all our experience you can count on expert advice and an excellent defence. If you’re a small business, and a major commercial party goes after you with this type of accusation, you don’t necessarily have to just roll over. We regularly defend our SME clients against powerful multinationals. Generally, we are able to arrive at a solution acceptable to both sides, but if necessary we will litigate until a final judgment.

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