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Online defamation

It’s simply a fact that today, a certain extent of our social life plays out online. But unfortunately, that makes it possible to attack a person’s reputation in front of a worldwide audience. Any time this happens it’s a crisis for the victim, who generally feels powerless to do anything about it. If your request to have information deleted from the internet does not achieve the desired result, there are legal steps you can take.

Three-pronged attack against online defamation

Whether it’s simply insults and personal attacks, cyber-bullying of your child, the publication of lies about your business, or spreading libel and slander via a website, social media, or a blog, you want to put an end to it fast and take action against the perpetrator. Our three-pronged approach can help. Was the content placed anonymously? That won’t stop us. Experience shows that we are virtually always able to identify the perpetrator.

The steps:
First, we make sure that we have the evidence that the online content is tortious. In step two, we follow the procedure to get the content removed from the internet. And finally, we identify and go after the perpetrator.

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