Are you being stalked by someone, or are you the victim of persistent online harassment? We can help you put a stop to it. We regularly handle cases involving repeated undesired contact. We have a proven track record in obtaining court-ordered penalties to force perpetrators to stop, and having online harassment deleted from platforms like Facebook, Google and Instagram.

Taking action against stalking, both online and offline

Harassment or “stalking” is when a person repeatedly violates the private life and privacy of another person. This is not only criminal but also a violation of civil laws. It is an attempt to terrorize a person or induce them to do something by persistently impinging upon their privacy. This can be following the person, but can also be harassing contact by phone or at the home, direct threats, approaching associates, relations, coworkers or the employer with slander and threats, or the destruction of personal property.

We are specialized in taking action against all forms of harassment, and have a proven track record of success in stopping online harassment, including the posting of libelous content and revenge porn. We have experience in identifying anonymous stalkers by obtaining IP addresses from internet platforms and hosting providers. This then makes it possible to take legal action to force the stalker to delete all the wrongful online content. We can also obtain restraining orders and seek compensation of damages for victims.

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