Our mission statement sets out the philosophy of our firm. This document is intended for internal use, but it may be of interest to you as a client, potential client or employee to read what we stand for.


If there is no way, we will find one.

  1. The basic principle we adopt for all our activities is that, viewed in a larger context, they must make a contribution, whether modest or not, to the better performance of society. This involves:promoting mutual relationships: where administration of the law ends, war begins. This means that we are aware of our social responsibility and adjust our actions accordingly.

    contributing to the best of our ability to the free development of the individual, without any impediments according to belief, race or inclination. This applies to both our external contacts and our internal personnel policy.

    contributing to the best of our ability to improving the environment and countering harmful effects on the environment. This means that we do not wish to be involved in any way whatsoever in cases where government and other requirements imposed in respect of the environment are circumvented or breached.

  2. Our intention is to grow strongly as a group, and within a number of years to become a leading provider of legal services, in terms of size and quality. All of us will contribute to this aim in our own, individual way.
  3. Creativity is the strength of every business. We use our creativity for the benefit of our clients.
  4. We aim to provide the best possible service for our clients. This means that we will make every effort to the best of our ability and knowledge to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Our joint future depends on our ability to grow and retain loyal clients. Our business strategy is geared to this.
  5. Regarding the policy towards our staff, we continually aim to find a balance between the individual development of lawyers, legal experts and secretarial staff on the one hand, and the importance of clients and the business interests of our firm on the other hand. We respect the individual and believe that people who are treated with respect and are given responsibility will respond by doing their best and performing to the best of their ability. Our view is that work is an important part of life and must give pleasure. In the words of Noël Coward, “Work is much more fun than fun”. Naturally there are always elements of the work that simply have to be done, but life is too short to sacrifice a large part of it to work without gaining any satisfaction from it. Naturally there must be an appropriate reward for the work performed, and opportunities to grow. We are convinced that people become much more motivated if they make an effort to do something to the best of their ability rather than simply do something adequately enough. If people work in an environment where excellence is expected, they will indeed be motivated to perform excellent work (according to Steven Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers). Or, as Bill Gates of Microsoft puts it: “If you don’t like working hard, working with real intensity and giving the best performance you can, you shouldn’t be here”.
  6. We feel personally involved in each case concerning our clients. We set to work on their problems and always help them.
  7. The flip side of the coin, however, is that we may expect our clients to pay us correctly and on time. If this is not the case, we on our part are unable to meet our obligations and provide the service our clients are entitled to receiving. This also entails some selection of our clients: we refuse to serve clients who do not appreciate this. We will only deviate from this rule for humane reasons, which will necessarily only be an exception.
  8. Work is a continual learning process for each of us. Together, we ensure that we shape and improve everything that goes on around us. Making a mistake is not a bad thing, provided we are aware of it and learn from it. In general, our work is a continual learning process, with personal and office development going hand in hand.
  9. We aim to form a community and continually build on it, excluding no-one. If one of us needs help, we are ready to help immediately.
  10. We will be open towards each other as much as possible, always relying on each other’s good intentions and convinced that problems can be solved by discussing them together.
  11. Recognition and appreciation of each other’s performance forms a basic principle for our actions, even if this cannot be expressed every day.
  12. Decisions will be taken based on advice and listening actively: when taking decisions, we will involve people with specialist expertise, as well as those whose work will be affected by the decision taken. Everyone has the opportunity to express an opposing opinion, but in order to guarantee progress and allow decisions to be taken fast, out of necessity the management will have the final word.
  13. We are individually responsible. It must be clear who is responsible for what and what is expected of the person concerned. If this person does not do his or her bit, this affects everyone. We must be able to rely on each other for 100%.
  14. An essential element here is effective, consistent and timely communication of relevant information. Good, direct feedback is essential for improving performance.
  15. Clarity in understanding our mission, our objectives and what we expect from each other is crucial to our success.