Class action claims: medical devices

We are handling one of the largest class action claims ever brought in the Netherlands in relation to an unsafe medical device. Medical devices are intended to make the patient’s life easier, but unfortunately in some cases they do the opposite, and the patient suffers health consequences or even unbearable pain as a result of an unsafe product. For these patients, we handle class action claims to recover their damages from manufacturers, hospitals and doctors.

Recovering damages

If you have been negatively impacted by a product for which we are already pursuing a class action claim, we are interested in helping you recover your damages. By “damages”, we mean all the financial losses that have resulted to you from the use of the unsafe product. In addition to the costs of any necessary revision operations, this can include extra travel costs, your insurance deductible, and many other things that can add up fast. If you are unable to work because of the consequences, your lost income must also be compensated. Damages can also arise in the long term, for example if it is no longer possible to perform revision surgery.

Why we pursue class action claims

Every case involving an unsafe medical device is different. We outline the nature and the severity of the injury, as well as the amount of the damages, individually for every client. Having said that, the adage of “stronger together” applies here, because the discussion of liability comes up in every case, and because we serve many clients in this kind of situation we collect extensive knowledge of the material. Additionally, it allows us to spread the costs that we incur on the liability issue over multiple clients, which means that each client ends up paying less than would be the case for an individual claim. If the pursuit of a class action claim ultimately goes to litigation, then once again the cost can be spread among all the participants. Of course, we consult with you closely every step of the way.

Current class action claims

You can read more about the class action claims we are currently pursuing and your options for joining them on the following pages:

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