J.J. Van der Goen

Joël van der Goen

Joël has built up a tremendous body of experience in ICT law advising business clients on IT contracts and complex software projects. He also helps both private individuals and business clients get wrongful content removed from the internet and track down those responsible for it.

One of his other specializations is commercial law: he helps SME clients with a broad range of disputes, such as conflicts over products and services and disputes with insurers or government agencies.

Finally, he is very well-versed in product liability and handles class action claims for victims of unsafe medical devices, including the firm’s class action claims on pelvic mesh implants and hip prostheses.

Many people assume that fighting online defamation is an unwinnable battle. But time and again our firm has succeeded in identifying perpetrators of online defamation via platforms like Facebook and Instagram and dealing with the content.

In accordance with the first paragraph of article 35b of the Dutch Legal Profession Regulations, Joël has registered the following areas of law in the legal areas register of the Dutch Bar Association: General practice, Civil law and ICT law. Under this regulation, each calendar year Joël is required to earn ten CPD points in each registered area of law in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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